“The Middle of Europe is a Mystery Realm. It requires of humanity that they conduct themselves accordingly. The path of the cultural epoch in which we are now living leads through this Realm, coming from the West, turning towards the East. In this passage all that is ancient must undergo metamorphosis. All old forces come to an end during this eastward journey; for they cannot pass through this Realm without being renewed in Spirit. By wanting otherwise they become forces of destruction, giving rise to catastrophes. That which may, in a healing way, proceed towards the East, must first evolve in this Realm, out of human knowledge, human love and human courage.

The inauguration of the Mysteries of the Middle is already radiating light in our time. This light emanates from the source of spiritual beings towards human beings, motivating them to fulfil healing deeds in order to serve cosmic goals worthy of Humanity.”

rendered from a quote out of the writings of Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz (1869 – 1945)

In the Symphony “I on the Path”, voices and instruments from all over the World meet to create the “movements” of Biography Work as “professionalised Humanness”. How can this music serve Coming Generations? Answers to this open question, as well as further questions, may already begin unfolding during the process of preparing the Worldwide Biography Conference 2019.

The locally organised “Prelude” is also striving to answer another relevant question: How can the “Auditorium” where this Symphony is performed serve both the Music and the Public, enhancing the desired effect of Meeting?

Central Europe including Hungary is a Mystery Realm where old forces coming from the West need to be metamorphosed by Spirit in order to give birth to the new forces heading towards the East. Just as in the heart of a young person, the inherited forces of the “past” must die in order to make way for the new forces of each Individuality who carries a unique Destiny. An individual, generational, geographical Grail Mystery unfolds. The Theme and the Scene in service of the same Spiritual Calling.

During the two days before the Worldwide Biography Conference colleagues from the ongoing Hungarian Biography Training will organise a framework of events encompassing a threefold approach to the Art of Not-Knowing, the Art of Hosting and Art of Inversion of the Will. Not giving answers but rather awakening and echoing questions, enabling inspirational meetings and forming a Chalice in which to receive the grace of Intuition.

We trust that this programme (for details check the link) will offer our conference guests a unique opportunity to meet our City Budapest as well as each other, whilst also serving the purpose of opening up public awareness for Biography Work in our local and regional communities, here, in this Heartland of Central Europe.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact by email ( ) if you need any further advice or assistance.

With warm regards,
Hungarian Prelude Team

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