Prelude Practicalities


As the organization of the Prelude is complex we decided to set one unique price for the whole Programme, except for the case you’d like to join only Christine Gruwez’s lecture on Monday evening.

You can choose between:

  • basic contribution: 90 Euro for the whole two-days Programme (including meals as described further)
  • solidarity contribution: 120 Euro, also supports participation in programme by younger Hungarians
  • Monday lecture contribution: 30 Euro (including dinner and transport). Higher contributions are received with gratitude.

You can complete your registration on this link. As the number of participants for biographical walks and workshops is limited, please make your choices in the pop-up windows appearing right after ticket purchase. Your choice will be considered as reservation. You can choose 1 walk and 1 or 2 workshops, depending on announced timeline.

On Monday participants in the Prelude will be granted transport between Budapest, Pilisszentlászló/Szentendre in the morning and evening, after the lecture. It will also be possible to join the programme directly in Budapest: details will be updated here and also communicated via email to the registered people. On Tuesday all courses are being held at the Waldorf School in Pilisszentlászló.

On Monday and Tuesday breakfasts comes with the accommodation. Lunch on Monday is integrated in a self-organising way during the Biography Walks through Budapest; everybody will receive guidance from their host (not included in the Prelude fee). Dinner on Monday is a vegetarian buffet served at the venue of the evening lecture (included in the Prelude fee). Lunch and dinner on Tuesday are served at the Waldorf School (included in the Prelude fee).

Monday Biography Walks: The hosts will make clear well in advance in what language(s) they are conducting the group. They may arrange that young persons or other participating witnesses act as interpreters.

Monday afternoon Harvesting Session will be conducted by Hungarian Arft of Hosting colleagues in Hungarian and English. According to participants’ needs it will be possible to arrange German, Spanish and French interpreting.

Monday Evening Lecture by Christine Gruwez will be interpreted simultaneously from English to Hungarian. According to participants’ needs it will be possible to arrange German, Spanish interpreting. Since providing the professional and technical background for involves preparation and expenses, these interpreting facilities will only be provided if there are enough participants requesting this service through their registration by absolute latest the 13th of May.

Workshops on Tuesday are facilitated in English. With the consent of the facilitator and according to participants’ needs it may be possible to arrange Hungarian, German, Spanish and French interpreting.